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Chef Brenda Simon
Chef Brenda Simon

The Secret Ingredient's home base is located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California - affectionately known as the American Riviera.  We service all areas of the central coast from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles and beyond.  Our services are specialized, professional, detail-oriented and more than just fun and delicious!  Each menu and every event is a unique creation and design.  The successful team is organized and led by the talented and dedicated Chef Brenda Simon (chef to the celebrities) whose background in the culinary arts began when she was just fourteen years old.  Her journey makes for interesting reading on our Behind the Scenes page. 

Please take a moment to browse the pages of our site.  Our menus will delight your taste buds, our cooking classes will let you be the master of your own kitchen and our Links page may help you find an answer to a question you might have had.  After all is said and done, it is our passion and our pleasure to bring great food, good friends and families together to share special moments!

The secret ingredient to a memorable catering event is always flexibility.  We offer just that!  While all events are quite unique, we provide many levels of service as well as custom detailing to suit your needs, preferences and most importantly - your spending limitations.  Your budget is our guide to a successful union.

Our professional team can work closely with you to design and tailor your event from start to finish.  Whether it's a private dinner for two, a party for two thousand, learning to cook Thai food with a few good friends, redesigning your own restaurant's menu, planning your wedding day or even simply providing boxed lunches, we will make it happen for you!

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